Happy Filled Glass

Happy Filled Glass is a puzzle game where you have to fill a glass by drawing a path with your finger in front of the cup. Paint in the ideal way for water to fill the glass, start playing now! The water will follow this path and get in, but if your pencil moves too fast, it won’t work, so you need to move slowly and draw exactly what you want. In essence, Happy Filled Glass allows users to test their spatial thinking and creativity skills by completing each puzzle with a pencil.


Use the mouse to click and drag or touch the screen to draw. Use as little ink as possible to get 3 stars on each level. The indicator at the top shows ink usage levels needed for each star. You can draw more than one line segment by releasing your finger/mouse button and starting a new line elsewhere. If you get stuck, use the Hint Button to give you a clue on how to solve that level.