Four Colors - UNO Online

Four Colors lets you play the popular card game for free in your web browser. The aim of the game is to be the first player with no cards, similar to other Crazy Eights style card games. Play a game like UNO in multiplayer with 2, 3, or 4 players.


How to Play Four Colors (UNO Online)

There are various strategies you can use to maximize your chances of winning at this multiplayer UNO-inspired game. The main principle is to get rid of all your cards before everyone else. You can do that by matching the color or number of the card placed down before yours. If you don't have a playable card, you must draw cards from the pile until you do.

When you have one card left, press the "1" button, otherwise you will be punished with two penalty cards!

Number cards
There are 108 cards and four colors in total. Number cards make up 70% of the total deck, with four colors each containing 19 cards. The cards span from numbers 0-9. As for the quantity of each card, there is one zero card, and two of every other number. The remaining 30% of cards are called action cards and wild cards.

Action cards
Action cards add an extra level of strategy to UNO. There are three action card types in an UNO deck. There are two of each action card in each color. These are:
Skip card - the next player in the sequence misses a turn. Reverse - reverses the direction of play. Draw two - the next player draws two cards and misses one turn.

Wild cards
There are two types of wild card with four of each one. They are:
Wild - lets the player choose what color to play. Wild draw 4 - declare the next color to match, and force the next player to draw four cards.